First Day of School

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Remember how you felt on your final day of summer vacation and school starts tomorrow?  Today is that day for my kids.  It seems every year they have a similar reaction, though the older they get the more they dread school.  For my kiddo in high school the thought of all those AP classes and the homework that goes with them is something to dread, besides since he and most of his friends can drive getting together this summer wasn’t difficult.  For my other kiddo in middle school getting together with friends was more challenging so school means seeing friends, hanging out after school, sleep overs at the last minute on Friday nights and the fun part of school with musical theater.  Continue reading



The past year or so have felt frustrating to me.  I don’t necessarily believe in luck in the spiritual sense but yet I cannot discount it either, it is a conundrum for me.  When I look up the word “luck” I get what most of us think of as the definition:

the things that happen to a person because of chance : the accidental way things happen without being planned

It does seem that no matter how hard I try to get a specific result it rarely turns out how I wanted, and when I do finally get the desired result it took so much effort I wondered if it was worth the time involved.  Last year I wondered if I was actually jinxed and how do I fix that, that’s how bad things felt.  Someone suggested a massage and that maybe it was just stress and that a massage might help bring a new outlook (I should have taken their advice even if it was not the fix!).  Currently I don’t feel jinxed but I do often feel that if I did not have bad luck I wouldn’t have any luck at all.  I don’t know who coined that phrase but it’s certainly an accurate saying. 

I personally do not believe things like a rabbit’s foot, a four leaf clover or any other charm can bring luck but maybe trying a charm might help.




Why are teenagers so moody?

We love them, but every once in awhile their surliness and lack appreciation/respect will break your heart. And when they do, we love them more and welcome them with open arms.

Maybe encouraging the kids to read “The Road Not Taken” was not wise – yes, we can discuss which road Frost was suggesting, however, when my kids read it, they always talked of taking the road the rest of the crowd was not traveling.

all three kids

Yes, they are dorks – God Bless them!

Media Information

Where do you get your information related to current local, national and world events?



Devon and I often struggle with finding a balance between what topics to cover, often debating what people already know and don’t know. We’re always looking for fresh angles on current topics. Our goal is to inform listeners, but at the same time entertain. If you’re not having fun with us, then we’re not doing our job.

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The topic of the library comes up quite a few times a week in my life.  In grade school once a week the class would go to the library and learn about everything the library had to offer, we had to learn the Dewey Decimal System, a teacher had to approve a book we picked to check out for the week and sometimes we had to work on research topics.  I hated the days we went to the library, what a boring place and the books I checked out were too boring to read, however in college things changed.  I discovered the library does have the fun fiction books I like to read and because I think books are expensive and I read them quickly the library became my addiction. Continue reading

TV Shows

televisionI used to have more time to watch television but the last 3 years my viewing time has become very limited.  I try to watch a few shows that I have been watching for years but am now finding I have to get the DVDs of the last season to catch up on what I have missed.  I am currently working my way through season 3 and 4 of “Rizzoli & Isles” as I’m trying to watch the current season on Tuesday evenings.  I also enjoy “Major Crimes” and I’m waiting for “Franklin and Bash” to start its new season.  I just realized that “Cedar Cove” started this past weekend and I missed it, now I need to figure out how to see the episode I missed.  Thankfully “Deadliest Catch” is easy to watch On Demand when it is convenient. Continue reading